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Most entrepreneurs in Arkansas work long hours to build their brand and establish themselves in the marketplace. A good idea or product takes months worth of practical planning, administration, and marketing to become successful. An entrepreneur’s most precious commodity is time, especially in the beginning when there’s plenty of trial and error before the business reaps rewards. Technology can be an incredibly good timesaver for entrepreneurs, who can benefit from using the multitude of available productivity apps, open-source software, and time tracking tools. 

Today, Dr. Arnold Heller is here to suggest a few useful apps that cover everything from timekeeping to invoicing and project management. 

Dropbox for Storing Media and Documents

Recognized globally, Dropbox is the perfect cloud storage tool for large media files and other important documents. In addition to saving time, you can also save money by starting off with the free storage option. Share folders, send links, and create an enviable filing system that you can access anywhere. Dropbox is both a smartphone and desktop app. 

Trello for Project Management

Trello can help you manage both small and large projects. You can add individuals or teams, set tasks with deadlines, or even just use it for yourself. Setting deadlines and customizing your workflow helps break down tasks that are overwhelming. There’s a built-in calendar and timeline of work, making sure you can see work schedules and review completed tasks with ease. Trello also effortlessly synchronizes with Dropbox, 

Harvest for Time Tracking and Invoicing

Harvest is both an app and web-based time tracking tool that’s easy to use. A time tracking tool is useful to track how many hours you spend on a particular task, with plenty of options to add in-task details. There’s a simple timer/clock that can be activated straight from your desktop or from the application. In addition to tracking time, it has reports and billing software integrated into the system. 

Swiftscan for Scanning 

Using a mobile app to scan documents is swift and effective. It saves time from having to manually scan, connect to a Wi-Fi printer, and then send. Swiftscan allows you to send documents right from your smartphone, allowing you to stay organized and accomplish tasks efficiently. 

Adobe for Invoicing

Especially once business picks up and the orders start rolling in, it’s important that you have a system in place to make sure you’re actually getting paid. Luckily, you can use this online invoice maker free of charge, which will speed up repayment while also simplifying your own record-keeping. Also, you can add your business name and logo to the invoices for an added touch of professionalism!

Buffer for Social Media Scheduling

Most businesses today have some kind of social media presence. Social media content and posting can be quite an admin-intensive and arduous task. The easiest way to manage your social accounts is to use a social media app that posts across multiple platforms. You can do this, plus measure your performance and statistics on Buffer.

Use Technology For More Free Time

Entrepreneurs need free time to focus on their core business, instead of wasting time on administrative tasks that can be simplified by using a few apps. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by an ocean of platforms, select a few apps that can help simplify your business. By using each app to its full capacity, you’ll free up valuable time and energy that you can redirect to the heart of your business. 

Dr. Arnold Heller earned B. A. (1968) and Masters of Education (1971) degrees from Pace University, New York City, and a Ph. D. from Georgia State University in Atlanta (1978) for Curriculum & Instruction and taught in the Atlanta Public Schools (1972 – 2004) Northside (1978 – 92) and North Atlanta High Schools (1992 – 2004). If you have any questions or you’d like to collaborate, please reach out today!