The park officially opened in mid-May 2023 and activated Dunwoody’s first splash pad.

I moved to the Lofts Apartments on Nov. 4, 2012. While directing the movers to my new apartment, I noticed a sign across the street that was standing before a long, deep strand of trees.

Coming: Perimeter Center East Park.

The park, as the years passed, and did not get built, became a running joke between my friends and I while hanging around the pool. From time to time, I would read an article in the local paper or see a publicity release on line that the new park was being considered.

My neighbors would cynically stare at me and say; “Do you really think that park is going to be built?”

I had been part of the incorporation movement and knew that our city leaders were competent and honest. “Yes, Brett Walker, Parks Director told me so.”

Lofts apartments, now part of the Drexel Collective.


I maintained faith and was rewarded. Mr. Walker and his department started construction on a jewel of a park a year ago. Progress was aided by relatively good weather and an official grand opening is planned. I entered the park renamed Two Bridges and took a picture of the its sign and smiled.


Why Two Bridges Park? The first bridge over North Peachtree Creek was built two years ago as part of the developing multi-use trail linking Brook Run, Pernoshal, Georgetown and now Two Bridges Parks with Perimeter Mall and beyond.


The second bridge is made of wood and is part of a gravel trail that winds down to the stream and along it, then back up to the playground, splashpad, or exercise space.

I watched the park and wooden bridge being built the past year and adore it. I call it the garden of earthly delights because it is chock full of them, one delicious pleasure of sorts after another.

The bridge is cute and a good vantage point to stand, look, and take in this new space. I moved March 1, 2023, to Perimeter Center and am a bit sad that I will not have this wonderful investment in the neighborhood right across the street from me.


Visitors entering the park behold the main playground and divergent sidewalks leading down to the stream or to other attractions and the parking lot.


The playground is a cornucopia of play stations that engages children of all ages. My favorite is the musical instruments set and believe it will be a big winner with adults.