I have always loved the beach and Longboat and Siesta keys are two of the prettiest that I have ever visited - both are located in the Sarasota area.

Longboat Key is one of three barrier islands (Anna Marie Island to the north, Lido Key to the south) and joined together by bridges and causeways.  Siesta Key, south of Lido Key, is accessed from Bee Ridge Road or Clark Road.

Beach Place is one of many attractive condominium complexes on the island located between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  The island’s resorts accommodate a broad range of family budgets.

Longboat Key beach is fairly long, very pretty, and relatively quiet.  In January of 2017, I and a few other people daily had the beach all to ourselves. 


The sea breezes make walking the beach very comfortable and enjoyable

One of the great pleasures of the west coast of Florida is the sunsets. 

Each afternoon we took in the gorgeous sunsets with a glass of wine, various fish spreads and shrimp and crackers – nice.

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St. Armand’s Circle is where the people of Longboat Key often go to shop, eat, drink or listen to music.  The many smart looking shops sell everything from basics to exotic gifts, the restaurants are varied and quite good, and the area is also the cultural hub of the island. John Ringling commissioned seven statues – The Seven Virtues of Sarasota – that are placed in the circle or other parts of the island.

The weekend of Jan. 27 – 28, 2017 featured the most upscale and attractive arts and crafts festival that I have ever been too.  Highly desirable paintings, sculpture, jewelry, crafts and some furniture were for sale and at high prices too.  These two cat sculptures caught my eye though I apologize to the artist whose name I do not remember and for taking the picture – private photos are not encouraged by the vendors. 

Siesta Key

Siesta Key is the deepest beach that I have ever witnessed - it is also pretty and has friendly people and some good seafood restaurants.

Observe the width and white sands of this extraordinary beach.

My friend Dr. Warren Melamed fell in love with the area five years ago and has returned to Longboat each winter.  We spent the week eating and drinking our way across Sarasota and environs.  From the smiles on our faces, it’s apparent that we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Perhaps my greatest pleasure in life is traveling and in recent years making web pages of the places I visited.  If you are interested, please access my other web pages on Oregon and Washington State road trips; also St. Simons and Jekyll Island, Georgia and Iceland and South Africa – the latter two are described through the Five Themes of Geography format.  I promise many more travel pages before I leave this planet.