Jekyll Island is located about 15 minutes south of St. Simons Island.My friend Patty Morrison and I visited the Georgia State Park on our way home from the Golden Isles.Atlanta is about 325 miles northeast of Jekyll Island and a five hour drive.

The below map shows the proximity of Jekyll Island to the City of Brunswick, St. Simons Island, the Golden Isles area and southeastern Georgia and South Carolina.

Jekyll Island became a playground for New York’s super rich after World War I. Interest waned during the depression but after World War II, the State of Georgia declared Jekyll Island to be a resort for the middle class

The Vanderbilt and Rockefeller estates were incorporated into a Historic Village as an attraction. The below aerial view illustrates the law that 70% of the island must remain in a perpetual natural state .

The middle class plan work for several decades until stagnation became evident in recent years.A massive redevelopment plan is transforming Jekyll into a desirable tourist destination for all income levels.

Visitors arrive at Jekyll Island by means of the Sydney Lanier Bridge.

The entrance to Jekyll Island State Park is attractive and well marked.

One begins a drive down a long causeway and comes to the renovated Beach Village.

The Westin Hotel is to the right and a main plaza lined with shops and restaurants on both sides is ahead.Below is the view from the beach side of the plaza.

Jekyll Island has long been renowned for its long unspoiled beaches.The construction of beach berms and cultivation of sea oats helps keep the dunes in place.

This is a northern view of the berm and sea oats holding dune in place.

Southern view of the beach berm.

My friend Patty Morrison crossed the berms to see beach. The wooden walkway was undamaged from Matthew’s waves and storm surge.

This southern exposure of the beach shows how the berms and the sea oats held the sand dunes in place despite the pounding of ferocious Hurricane Matthew that washed much of the beach away.

The northern exposure shows the beach erosion even more starkly.For lovers of driftwood, Jekyll is a magnet for floating pieces of future fireplace art. Hurricane Matthew donated a few large pieces.

Miles of paved bike trails provide tourists access to the 70% forested landscape, Historic and Beach Villages.Jekyll Island State Park and Resort have improved mightily and are becoming a promising destination and perhaps a Golden Isle.