Florida A1A Trail Leg #3: Stuart - Model Seaside Village


The New Urbanism, the old village concept of pedestrians walking or biking to nearby stores and not relying solely on a car is thriving in Stuart, Florida.  We will examine Stuart’s model in Trail Leg #3 and Deerfield Beach in Trail Leg #4, two contrasting models yet both very successful villages in their own unique way. 


The above welcoming picture is a mural of “old Stuart” that grew up with the railroad.  The Stuart of today is a modern city of about 19,000 people. 



Traffic is calmed and smoothly directed by round-a-bouts with iconic decorative statues and fountains.  Pedestrians comfortably move about a grid lined with smart shops and restaurants that produces a feeling of casual elegance.


The above mixed merchants’ listing of Stuart’s various downtown restaurants and shops that bring life to the community. 


The above photo is a random example of store or office art that caught my eye. 

Stuart is located at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and St. Lucie River and Indian Rivers and apparently blessed with water almost everywhere.  Many homes back up to waterways and have built in dockside facilities. 

Mural of Stuart’s sailing, boating, and fishing amenities. 


The above picture is of the iconic Stuart fountain with fish statue painted on the side of renovated warehouse now featuring a successful brew pub.   When staying in Stuart, Patty and I recommend the Pirate’s Cove Resort and Marina located about four miles from downtown on SE Bayview Street.  

End of Florida A1A Trail Leg #3, Stuart; next, Florida A1A Trail Leg #4: Deerfield Beach – Fun Seaside Village.