One of my most popular web pages the past five years has been the list of ten best happy hours in Dunwoody’s Perimeter Center Area. My friend Patty Morrison and I compiled it as a summer project and it has been periodically updated.


Google defines happy hour as a period of the day when drinks are sold at reduced prices in a bar or restaurant. Wikipedia adds “discounted menu items like appetizers are often served during happy hour. This is a way for bars and restaurants to draw in customers before or after peak business hours.”

The Pandemic shattered the restaurant industry and wiped-out happy hour. Bar and restaurants struggled to survive and those that did needed full value servings to recoup lost income.

As society and the industry recovered, happy hour began a comeback of sorts. Most of the ten restaurants on this list provide some discounted items during the three to seven PM time frame.

However, a restaurant’s not offering discounts should not exclude it. We included some restaurants simply for their beauty and ambience – they are great places to sit at five PM with a beer or glass of wine even at full price.

Seasons 52 has a beautiful bar and a nice selection of drinks and appetizers – it has always led our list.


The Cheesecake Factor at Perimeter Mall has been very popular for a decade or more because of its comfortable interior and decent selection of drinks and food items.

PF Chang has moved from its long-standing spot in the now drained restaurant lake complex with its defunct trio of restaurants. The previous complex has been rebuilt into a shopping center with a small Publix.

PF Chang is now located next to the Cheesecake Factor at Perimeter Mall which is why I photographed them together. PF Chang provides a nice selection of drinks and Asian dishes that should satisfy most tastebuds and pocketbooks.


North Italia and Novo Cuccina are similar concepts. Both have attractive exteriors and interiors, good kitchens featuring pasta, pizza, and several entrees, as well as a nice variety of drinks.

North Italia is located on Ashford Dunwoody Rd. adjacent to the Terraces corporate park and will build you a custom pizza if you ask. The interior is attractive and comfortable.

The same with Novo Cuccina in Dunwoody Village just past the Publix on Chamblee- Dunwoody Rd. I like this place for the same reasons I enjoy North Italia.


Both North Italia and Novo Cuccina provide customers with lovely patio seating, and large well-lit interior spaces with open kitchens and accommodating staffs.


The Bird, located in the Ashford shopping center past the Wal-Mart on Maiden Lane, has been a popular neighborhood pub for a couple of decades. New ownership bought it two years ago and has upgraded the menu and drink offerings.

The Bird reminds me of an old shoe – it’s not pretty or shiny, just comfortable and wears well. That’s why I revisit this place from time to time – for good food and drink and a nice staff.


Eclipse de Lunda is another institution in Dunwoody. The tapas place combines a large array of small plates and mixed drinks plus live music and sizzling energy to provide a vibrant Brazilian outpost in Edge City 2.0.

First time visitors to Dunwoody and Eclipse, located in Park Place, are usually amazed to find such a rich cultural experience across from Perimeter Mall.


Flemings is a classic steakhouse: rich oaky woods, a comfortable interior, good food, and large drinks. There are six other reputable steak houses within a square mile to keep Flemings trying hard to satisfy you.


“Superica” (super rich), based on Austin Tex-Mex joints, opens-up to the Ashford Lane open carry area, a European courtyard concept. This beautiful restaurant serves an excellent fresh Margarita and is a nice place sit, dine, and schmooze.