Super-Exchange V: The Greatest Student Exchange in History – Part 2: More information about the greatest international event in APS History.

Official Atlanta Public Schools Press Release:

2000-2001 ACTCo / Warrior Warehouse Monthly Sales & Expenditures – SE V Total Costs

Feb. 10 planning report to Michael Chertok who was wonderful to work with and a virtual dream maker.

Full set of details of GCF’s small challenge grants to follow up on goals of Super-Exchange V.

Full A. T. Kearney business strategy lesson April 26, 2001, 11:45 AM

When conducting market research, it is important to brainstorm about which subjects and questions will provide the most insight into your potential customers.

Creating the layout of an order form is a two step process.

Application lesson for SE V students.

Terry Fox Secondary and IBP returned to Port Coquitlam, BC to further refine the marketing strategy for BoneBalance, their student run company.

A number of guests had difficulty obtaining visas. North Atlanta and GCF worked tirelessly to gather as many delegates to Atlanta as possible. The examples below focus on the efforts on behalf of a teacher and student from Karaganda, Kazakhstan:

The SE V student delegations from Montego Bay, Jamaica; Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; Salcedo, DR, were interviewed during their time in Atlanta by Atlanta City Channel 26 that is managed by City Hall and the Mayor’s Office.

Picture of CPEM #3, Neuqliejl, Patagonia, Argentina

Pskov Technical Institute, Pskov, Russia

The Terry Fox Secondary student delegation developed a picture album upon returning home.

A troubled ninth grade student in a suburban school shot several students earlier in the school year. Given that North Atlanta shared similar school characteristics,

security measures were instituted. The Terry Fox student delegation, in an anthropological moment, took notice of the security measures.

Three students from Adma International School in Lebanon focus on preparing a marketing lesson.