This web page is technically under construction as a personal protest and will remain so for the following reasons:

The Maduro dictatorship and its continuance of repressive and failed Chavez policies must give up and / or share power before total national collapse. Venezuela must hold free and fair elections and restore democracy and just rule of law. The dictatorship has plunged a once prosperous and democratic nation into an economic death spiral, created widespread hunger, and driven a million citizens from their once prosperous and free land.

Furthermore, Brazilian political leaders must cease raiding their Treasury to line their pockets and instead spend all tax revenues on the people. Brazil, despite its size and economic prowess, is weakened by the graft and corruption that permeates the system and seems to forever defer potential super-power status.

Also, when Mexico defeats its drug gangs, regains control of the scarred countryside, and brings peace to the ravaged areas like Sinaloa. Dead bodies are regularly found on Acapulco Beach. NAFTA has helped the country make great economic progress that is blunted by the federal governments inability to cut the cancer out.

Honduras and Guatemala also must defeat their drug gangs that draft thousands of young people into their violent organizations. These desperate young people flee into Mexico to ride a train to the US border in a sad hope to escape and start a new life. The caravans play into the hands of our white nationalist president and give him propaganda for the deportations that please his political base.

Currently, there are some peaceful and prosperous pockets in Latin America today – Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize are six bright spots. A number of other countries are making political and economic progress – Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Paraguay, Equador, Nicaragua – the rest are either stagnant (Bolivia) or regressing – Haiti, Venezuela.

Until things change for the better, the great promise of South and Central America shall remain just that – a promise and hopefully not a failed one. This is why and how I protest with this last update and will not bother to do so again until serious progress is made.

This web page remains under construction – like South and Central America – until then.