Theme: What does freedom look like to me this year? The Passover holiday is symbolic for the Ten Plagues the Hebrews cast upon the Egyptians to win their freedom from Pharoah.

The Passover holiday for 2021 is symbolic to me for freedom from four 2020 plagues: Donald Trump and misinformation, the rise of white nationalism, the purposely mismanaged virus, and loss of hope for a better future.

I am exalting in freedom from Trump and his daily stream of lies, disinformation, distortions, distractions, indeed, anything but the truth. His deceit and narcissism were intolerable and exhausting. Joe Biden, in contrast, is honest, humble, quiet, hardworking and kind. Bring on boring.

I am taking pleasure in freedom from fear, hatred, and the cultivation of white nationalism. Trump made far right extremists, America’s political untouchables, think they were respectable. As a result, they have become the leading source of terror.

With my second vaccination on March 8, I breathe easy enough to see freedom ahead from the Covid 19 Virus. Trump purposely mismanaged the pandemic for political gain. He told Bob Woodward it was a killer bug and the people that it was a mild flu.

I salute freedom from loss of hope for a better future. Trump stifled American social progress; Biden renewed optimism. Trump’s radical reactionary government attempted a fascist takeover; Biden renewed freedom in America.

Trump thought he could wear us down into a dictatorship and underestimated millions of freedom-loving Americans like me. May plagues of prosecutors descend upon Pharoah’s house in Mar-a-Lago and lock the loser up.

For me, celebrating 2021 Passover is freedom from the four plagues of 2020.