If you’re looking for responsive maintenance, good visible security, fair fees and great design, head to HIGH STREET.

Rendering of design and vision.

The following picture of High Street’s progress was taken May 28, 2024. Phase 1 is complete, and restaurants and retail are racing to open as soon as possible.  The concept of working and playing where you live – in your own village – is quickly coming alive.

I recommend that the reader visit www.highstreetatlanta.com for direct information about Windsor’s rich array of apartment floor plans, unmatched amenities, and surprising variety of services.

What constitutes a luxury apartment and what role does security, maintenance, and fair dealings play in defining claimed luxury status? Flashy design and amenities may attract new tenants but I contend that it’s good maintenance and security that keeps them reupping year after year.

Apartment complexes in the Perimeter, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs corridor broadly claim to provide luxury living and amenities. Many though skimp on maintenance and security, and / or gouge tenants with outrageous fees.

I have lived in three luxury-apartment complexes located on the east, north and now the west side of Perimeter Mall and learned during these twelve years that true luxury apartment living is dependent on management’s willingness to provide it. I have also learned that raising profit margins usually results in lowering maintenance and security standards.

I lived at The Lofts Apartments, now part of The Drexel Collective, from 2012 to 2023. Worthen Realty, for seven years, provided great services and amenities and a neighborhood formed.  People bragged that they lived in a resort.

Worthen managed with an ethos of honesty and pleasing tenants.  Unfortunately, Greystar took over in 2019 and service levels plunged.  Questionable fees appeared and averaged about $90 – $130 monthly.

People began to leave and our beloved community dissolved.  After three dissatisfied years, I left for The Flats @ Perimeter Place across from the burgeoning Ashford Lane open container district.

I thought I had put Greystar in the rear-view-mirror and would enjoy a fresh start.  Within days, a feeling of Déjà vu crept in.  Within weeks we learned that The Flats was also substandard in providing maintenance and security and well above average in assessing extra fees that gouge another $230 – 250 a month from tenants.

The Flats at Perimeter Center in Dunwoody is owned by the Connor Group; see connorgroup.com/apartments-atlanta-ga-/flats-at-perimeter-place/. According to their web site, they are a nationally recognized real estate investment firm worth $3.7 billion and own properties like The Flats in 18 cities located across the country.

Flats @ Perimeter Place – exterior painted light blue, gray, white in 2023.

Connor’s marketing concept is to provide a lot of amenities, particularly on the roof, and go light on maintenance and security. Connor pads its bottom line with ridiculous fees that seem created by fiction writers.

Google says there is no clear definition for luxury apartment. The realtor’s claim is supposedly based on a unit having high ceilings, large rooms, higher quality materials, gated and / or secured premises.

The Flats did have high ceilings and large windows but few cameras, no fully secured area, and no security guard or service.

My High Street apartment has high ceilings, large windows, and lavish amenities, too. It also comes with solid maintenance, a visible security guard who makes rounds, and strategically placed cameras.

Apartmentguide.com says a luxury apartment is “large and spacious and includes everything one could ever want or need.”  All three of my apartments fit that description but it was good basic security and maintenance that made the difference.

Windsor’s High Street is reviving the ethic that luxury apartment living still includes basic maintenance and security and modest fees.

At what point, however, do extra fees become gouging? For example, a Flats $199 June (2023) sewer charge to a sixth-floor tenant, then a $139 July sewer charge followed by an August $80 sewer charge, and a $51 sewer charge for September. For a garbage disposal?

Our one year at The Flats felt like life in a luxury extended stay hotel. Residential Billing Service (RBS) gouging and pathetic management were the two main causes.

Additional modest fees at Windsor in comparison have averaged $100+ a month.  Small fees for parking and amenities are added to basic rent. The reader may draw their own conclusion by viewing the following fee assessment prepared by Minol.

The Flats are a block away from High Street and occupy another world of management principles.  We fled The Flats and found the real deal at High Street.

Photo of High Street’s main plaza and street taken from fountain.

Lights that change color are built into High Street’s steps overlooking the common area; water cascades over the wall above that reflects the same color scheme.

The common area’s innovative lighting fixtures and techniques were unveiled in the June 20, 2024, movie on the lawn event for tenants. A new great public space and destination was introduced for the Perimeter area and awaits visitors.

I chose High Street because of its great location.  Perimeter Mall and the MARTA Station are across the street.  Most of my doctors practice on Pill Hill, a single subway-stop away.  Perimeter Center and Ashford Lane are two blocks north.

Although I greatly appreciate the convenience of on-site retail, restaurants, and recreation, I purposely selected an apartment on the back-side that creeps up against the Cox Corporate Headquarters forest and nature preserve, a true bonus.

My spacious, comfortable, and isolated sixth floor unit has both a southern and western exposure that produces hothouse results with plants. The windows are floor to ceiling and source constant light and changing ambience.

My main take-a-way from two community social events is that the first wave of tenants are happy people and believe they are part of something special forming.  Windsor’s nice staff is on top of things and supportive.

I love the views from my corner terrace and have provided both day and night-time photos.

The two brown buildings filling the left side of the photo are scheduled to be torn down. Phase 2 will be developed on the site and we all await its model. In the meantime, the view will expand to include the intersection of Perimeter Center Parkway and Hammond Drive and extend into Lake Hearn and Brookhaven.

A happy retirement is best achieved when one is content where they are living – the place works for them.  For the past four years, that golden feeling eluded me.

My search ended when I moved to High Street. Indeed, two cliches come to mind when I think of my well-located unit:

It’s good to get in on the ground floor of a new thing … and the early bird gets the worm.

I promise to periodically update this web page as High Street fills up with tenants, shops, and eating and drinking establishments. It’s fun and exciting to record history as it is being made.