Patty and I, as soon as we began exploring Portland, were in
awe of the gorgeous flowers, especially roses, growing everywhere.  The beauty of the Portland
International Rose Test Garden was astounding – adjectives were inadequate.



I’d never before witnessed such large and brightly colored
roses anywhere.  The moist and
moderate climate kisses flowers into hues and sizes uniquely Oregon – perhaps
it’s the volcanic soil. 


There is no point or leg to this web page – Patty and I had
to share with all visitors to this site the gorgeous flowers that we enjoyed
during our stay and tour.




Three flowers is our favorite cluster – the white Rose’s
fullness is voluptuous.



The peach rose welcomes – the petals beckon and bow –
droplets glisten and fall to earth.



The sagging pink rose is surrounded by competitors nearly
ready to open their buds and tantalize anew.



This yellow rose could serve as the State Flower of Texas – it both reveals, shines, and shies at the same time.



This red rose warms and illuminates in its fullest moment.



We hoped you enjoyed our extra
added attraction
Flowers of Oregon.