Map of Dunwoody, GA, Dekalb County



Spring across the Metro Atlanta area may occasionally begin
as early as the third week of February if a prolonged warm spell prematurely triggers
nature.  Some years, 2018 comes to
mind, spring arrived the beginning of April because March’s lion never became a

This year, 2019, I tracked the birth of a new spring that I
believe started on March 12. 
Intermittent warm spells the previous thirty days set off the blossoming
process and a warm spell March 20 – 28 ignited Mother Nature to show off her
special spring colors. 

I believe that each year for two to three weeks Metro Atlanta,
especially my City of Dunwoody, is transformed into one of the most beautiful
places on earth.  Our famous tree
cover and the collective plantings produce a riot of color that warms the heart
and fills the soul. 

I hope to capture in photos and text the beauty budding
throughout my apartment complex, neighborhood, and city that produces feelings
of rebirth and renewal sparked by the end of winter and annual stirrings of
life that a new spring creates.  This
is not a lesson in the names of trees and shrubs: it’s simply an effort to
record a period of time that I find lovely.

I am a resident of the Lofts Apartments located on Perimeter
Lofts Circle, a cul-de-sac off of Perimeter Parkway East.  The highly urbanized area includes the
central business district that’s studded with four – five story apartment

Because of wise landscaping decisions made decades ago by
developer James Rouse who built what became Dunwoody’s downtown area, we enjoy
today an impressive tree cover and a rich array of bushes and flowers that humanizes
and beautifies a sea of commercial and retail centers (and vast parking lots)
strung together by unforgiving four to six lane boulevards. 

I took the picture of the Lofts Perimeter Center apartment
front facing from the realty company’s Facebook page that ironically appeared
to be taken during Autumn. 

My aim was to capture nature’s palette of colors – the
variant, short lived light green tree leaves that all too soon become an endless
ocean of dark green forest. 

The sudden sprouting of new leaf and flowers throughout the
Lofts, Drexel, and Heights complexes is ubiquitous and attractive. 

The Ravinia / Hyatt Hotel and office complex located at the
corner of Ashford-Dunwoody Road and I-285 has matured into what I consider to
be a virtual private park and sanctuary that is accessible to the public too.  I have biked or walked the property
numerous times and always find it to be a grand respite from the hundreds of
thousands of cars passing it daily.

Just over the municipal and county line is the One Glenlake
office complex located at the corner of Georgia 400 and Abernathy Road in Sandy
Springs (Fulton County).  The long
train of white flowering trees set against the waterfall, lake and greenery is awesome. 

The Terraces office complex, located on Ashford-Dunwoody Rd.
across from Perimeter Mall and the Target shopping center is dotted with two
lakes and clusters of pretty bushes and trees. 

This tree with its lush light green hues sits out front of
the Le Meridien Hotel located on Perimeter Parkway West across the street from
Perimeter Mall.  Twice monthly on
Friday evenings, the hotel hosts a fine jazz band. 

The below soft but eye-catching tree is located between the
Sage Woodfire Grille and Alon’s Bakery & Specialty in Park Place shopping

The rows of budding Bradford Pear trees that adorn Maiden
Lane will shortly change into a wall of white flowers, a second colorful treat
from them. 

The above majestic oak tree sporting its golden new growth
is located in Dunwoody Village near the Fresh Market and Walgreen’s.

The above blooming oaks adorn Perimeter Mall’s north side
near Perimeter Parkway West.

The pretty red tree is located in Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. in
Dunwoody Village by the tiny outparcel bank.

The lovely pink and white blossoms delight the eyes of
drivers crossing through the Park office complex located on Perimeter Parkway
East.  The Savannah apartments are
in the background.

The above row of cherry trees is located in Park Place near
Alon’s.  The Park office complex,
soon to have 900 condos, two office towers, and a parking garage built there,
sits in the background beyond the below white azalea bush. 

Azalea bushes bloom in many colors – the red wall of flowers
caught my eye.  So did the roses
blooming near Park Place’s south entrance. 

I am partial to daffodils, usually the first emerging flower
of spring.  As Chair of the Atlanta
– Ra’anana Sister City Committee, we support AM Yisrael Chai’s wonderful annual
Daffodil Dash run and walk program that honors the deaths of 1.5 million
children who perished in the Holocaust.

1.5 million daffodils are being planted to honor each child
– Atlanta was the first planting; Ra’anana, Israel, the first foreign
country.  According to my friend
Rena Kahn, over 680,000 bulbs have been planted in more than thirty

These daffodils were planted by the Mormon Temple on
Barfield Road in Sandy Springs. 
The church spire can be seen soaring over the
lovely white row of flowering trees – the American flag is to the far

The pretty yellow hedge dotted with red azaleas is located
by a car wash and auto repair establishment.  Attractive landscaping adds value to property and is good
business and wise public policy.

The colorful row of flowers and hedges fronts Maggiano’s
Italian Restaurant at Perimeter Mall.  

If I had waited three more days, I would have many more
photos of gorgeous lush growth bursting all over Dunwoody.  But my aim was to focus on the spring
begins anew
theme, am satisfied that I captured it a bit and hope you
enjoyed the photo album.