I also enjoy sitting around a pool and the main one was spectacular.

The first picture was taken from the patio over the Casa Bella and provides a broad look that includes the Blue Marlin (left) and poolside bar and lunch boat behind it.  The second photo is a poolside view of the chairs and umbrellas and sight of the ocean in the background.  Since skin cancer runs in my family, I tend to sit under an umbrella to shield myself from the direct sun but do tend to tan darkly. 

The niche areas – rocks, hot tubs, sloping area – lend a grotto like feel to the experience.

The above photo provides a better view of the rocks and a sloping area for just getting one’s feet wet.  The below photo is a smaller secondary pool that has a waterfall for effect.

The Castle at the far end of the property also has a pretty pool but I did not have an opportunity to take a picture of it nor did I find a good picture of it online.  You’ll just have to go and see it for yourself. 

This completes the Dominican Dream Vacation photo survey series.  I hope you enjoyed it enough to make reservations.