I have always loved the beach and Sanctuary Cap Cana furnishes an attractive and comfortable beach environment.  An athletic area, mainly for volleyball, is adjacent to the oceanside beach.

Chairs, towels, private cabanas and food and drink servers are all provided in one’s package to create a feeling of freedom.

The thatched hut in foreground with the blue and white lunch boat serves up hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, chips with guacamole or salsa and salad fixings.  The round thatched hut in background is a swim or walk up bar for the Dominican Presidente beer, wine and mixed drinks.  The friendly bartenders work very hard to quench their guest’s thirsts with a variety of creative cocktails.

The Blue Marlin restaurant sits over the water on stilts and is open for lunch and dinner.  This was one of our favorite restaurants because at night the waves of the high tide roll in right under the floor and you are eating just a few feet above the ocean.  The sea food dishes are particularly good too.

The thatched hut farthest right is reserved for romantic couples who want the space just for themselves. 

The sixth and final web page will feature the pool area and its attractions.