I’ve heard some people complain that all-inclusive resorts are just daily sun bathing and binge drinking experiences.  Of course, they could sign up for an excursion or limit their exposure to the sun and alcohol consumption. 

Sanctuary Town, located across the square from the main building, provides an excursion feel of leaving the resort for a lovely nearby village.  Nine additional varied dining options await the visitor along with adorable spaces to just sit and take in the warm Dominican air along with attentive service. 

Beers of the World include forty premium choices, mostly European and English favorites.  You won’t find your favorite American craft beers and the bar is out of pocket and not part of your all-inclusive package.  Anejos is a rum and cigar store and museum.

Flavors and Senses, an Asian fusion style restaurant, was a favorite of ours.  The food was very good but the best part was a staff that also greatly entertained us and even got us up from our seats to form a conga-style line and dance around the restaurant. 

Mama’s Pizza was another favorite – the pizza is pretty good, the staff warm and friendly, the location wonderful. 

We did not have a chance to sample the Spanish Restaurant that specializes in Tapas plates and other delicacies.  It was not part of our package and is open to visitors from other resorts.  The adorable Tacos Truck serves up tasty treats in an idyllic setting.

An ice cream and candy store make Sanctuary Town complete.

Our tour of Sanctuary Town ends as we ascend the stairs leading to the main square and Great House. 

Sanctuary web page #5 focuses on the resort’s beaches and related amenities.