ARSCC has experienced an identity problem since inception and the media has
been inconsistent in covering us. The Atlanta Jewish Times (AJT), the
main news source for information about the Atlanta Jewish community, has ranged
from terrific attention to neglect. With each new editor, the ARSCC was
challenged to educate them on the difference between Atlanta’s sister city in
Israel (Ra’anana) and the Jewish Federation of Atlanta’s special project –
Yochneam and Megiddo which has occasionally been referred to as a “sister
city”. Educating the media has always been crucial to the ARSCC’s goal of
integration into the fabric and stream of Atlanta Jewish life.

is often joked that where you have two Jews, you have three committees.
The Atlanta Jewish Community has its share – JFGA,
MJCC, AISCCSE, AJC, JNF just to identify five majors – has always been
key to the ARSCC becoming part of the community’s consciousness. Tom
Glaser and the AICCSE integrated Ra’anana into its Invest in Israel strategic
plan. He has always said to me; “Ra’anana is a great place to do
business, especially in the hi-tech arena”.

of Ahuza Street, Ra’anana’s grand pedestrian boulevard.

Consul Generals were usually re-posted after 2 – 3 years of serving in
Atlanta. Given that a strong working relationship with the Consulate of
Israel was essential for effectiveness, it became necessary to meet with every
new consul who took over. All of the Consuls have been very supportive of
the sister city relationship. Mayor Bielski’s office staff,
recognized the need to communicate regularly with Atlanta’s Jewish leaders in
order to strengthen the sister city bond.

in the Jerusalem Post online edition by Stuart Winer, March 19, 2003:

mass terror of the Second Intifada spread across Israel but fortunately spar Ra’anana.

– an early settlement in the Sharon District:

Street, 1925 – the orange groves in the background have
been transformed into residential neighborhoods, industrial and commercial
parks, retail centers, schools, parks.

ARSCC, in the June 18, 2002 Committee Update, stood with Israel during the
Second Intifada terror campaign.

ARSCC Stands with

Mayors Bielski and Hofree have been diligent in their pursuit of strong
cooperative relations with the Atlanta Mayor’s Office, Consulate of Israel in
Atlanta, ASCC, JFGA, MJCC, AICCSE, Georgia Governor’s Office.

Hoch, President, and Stuart Shalev, Vice President, assumed leadership of
Congregation Masorti.

Diagram / rendering of Ra’anana Central Park: The Great Public Space
of Ra’anana.

Park Lake – Ra’anana’s “post card” View. The café (across lake right) serves
excellent food and is a great place for lunch on the patio.

components are critical to the success of any twinning: 1. Political
continuity that contributes to long term planning and building, 2. Effective committees on both sides of the partnership.
Lydia Weitzman was always seeking out former Atlantans who were living in Ra’anana
to recruit.

is a very livable city and has many parks spaced throughout the municipality –
Kidpark is viewed with father and son at play.

Zeev Bielski wrote me on July 1, 2005 to inform me that he had assumed
leadership of the Jewish Agency and World Zionist Council.

of Education Nahum Hofree, after serving as
Ostrovsky High School
Principal, became the new mayor – this was political continuity at its best

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is hosted by Ra’anana Mayor Nahum

Annual Report – ARSCC Educational Initiatives:

Weitzman Summarizes 2005 Educational Objectives and Suggests Plans for 2006:

Masorti and Shearith Israel lost contact for a while.


met with Ronette Throne shortly after. She informed me that JFGA was
committed to making the special programs with Yochneam successful and needed to
focus resources and energies in that direction.

local park reflective of Ra’anana’s description as a
Garden City.