I have been a lifelong student of architecture and fascinated by its role in creating interesting and attractive public or private spaces that we occupy. After previously experiencing and enjoying Secret’s Silversands and Blue Aqua, I’d become a student of the combined aesthetics, services, amenities, etc; that produces the visitor’s desired outcomes for the best possible all adult, all inclusive experience.

So welcome to Secret’s Maroma, located on the Riviera Maya about 45 minutes south of the Cancun airport that, in my opinion, furnishes as near perfect all adult, all inclusive experience as humanly possible. The physical infrastructure is outstanding; the skilled management’s super training of a friendly, helpful, and efficient staff makes the hotel special.

As one enters the elegant lobby, a singing group may be filling the big stately room with beautiful music ranging from soft Indie rock to light jazz or R & B. Performers featured are a duo called Carmay who sang classic rock standards.

The lobby bar sitting area is an attractive spot to enjoy a beverage and schmooze; the same cocktails, wine or beer are available to guests preferring to sit on the comfortable lobby couches and sofas.

The World Café, located back side lower level plaza, provides a delicious buffet breakfast with attentive service. The accompaniment of an easy listening jazz saxophonist or harpist made for a nice touch to start the morning.

The CoCo Café, the hotel’s coffee, pastry and ice cream shop was one of Patty’s favorite places for an early morning coffee or an evening ice cream cup, usually coconut. There are two computers available for patrons to catch up on email or other online needs.

Desires is a music bar and the place for late night listening to a DJ or dancing. Maroma’s entertainment program is top notch with a variety of musical formats, comedians and magicians and other acts; outdoor extravaganzas are offered up almost nightly.

One leaves the lobby behind for a first encounter with the beautifully landscaped property by stepping out on the terrace and turning left or right to access the two main staircases. Comfortable chairs and sofas are furnished to take in the view and enjoy a nosh or sip a drink in the meantime.

I descended the left staircase and began sensing the architect’s vision.

I figured the spine of the property starts with the short, circular fountain ahead.

But just off the left staircase and the spine is the main theater located at the end of this trail. Productions of all types; rock shows, dance performances, movies, whatever, are regularly scheduled.

I studied this fountain – the spray signified to me the beginning of a river in the high mountains with the runoff streaming down and through the land, the water making its way to the sea.

“The architect’s plan is ‘a river runs through it,” I thought; “how brilliant.”

I followed the stream as it slowly widened into a shallow lazy river symbolized by the hammock floating in the middle. The red color comes from tiny reddish paving stones blended into the cement ‘riverbed’.

The bridge at the end of this stretch of river is what I call the beginning of River City – it allows the guests to seamlessly access facilities on both sides of the ‘bend in the river’.

An’ in-river’ ‘outdoor café’ allows a guest to snack or drink and get their feet wet at the same time.The hut with the swings is actually a kind of village pub and a center of activities; ping pong, pool, karaoke, vendors with goods to sell set up here too.The schedule board lists the full list of daily activities.

The second ‘bend in the river’ features rocky outcroppings or a palisade of sorts.The steps built into the ‘river bank’ are wonderful places for water aerobics or to just sit in the pool.

The next ‘bend in the river’ will flow through the ‘heart of town’, the main pool area.

The next view, the ‘center of town’ is from the Oceana / Seaside Grill, the main food service location.

This view is from where we liked to sit.

A guest may have worked up a thirst by the time they reached this ‘stage of the river’ – the swim up bar is a good place to quench it.

Or if you are hungry and ready for very good food and service, get out of the pool and head for the Seaside Grille which becomes Oceana after 6:30.

Or if you prefer to burn up some calories or just exercise, the Gazebo, a stones throw away, is a good place for a yoga fitness class.

Patty called the next bend in the river ‘the beginning of the second main pool area’; I saw it as the beginning of the ‘mouth of the river’ just before it will turn again to flow into the sea in the background. This juncture is the cross roads of beach and pool life and related activities.

This last bend is the ‘mouth of the river’ with the beautiful sand beach beyond it to the left.

The thatched tent cluster and thatched chaise lounge cluster face the beach along this trans-beach walkway located between the sea, the beach, and the pool areas.

In case the guest has worked up a thirst on the way to the beach for a swim, walk, or to simply relax with a good book, a cozy bar with swing seats is waiting to refresh you.

The stretch of beach beyond the bar to the north is considered by many travel agents to be the prettiest along the Cancun and Rivera Maya coast.

This is the view of the stretch of beach to the south.

My ‘river to the sea’ or spine of the resort tour ends here.

Our junior Ocean View suite, located on the fourth floor, provided us a panoramic view of the sea, main pool area, and gardens below where lemurs frequented.

The view moves east to west from the sea for the other half of the great courtyard.

This fabulous, lush resort was literally carved out of low-lying scrub jungle thick enough to prevent penetration but with soils too thin to support large scale agriculture. The view is the southern exposure from our fourth floor suite.

Another view of the jungle looking east to the sea is featured.

Because of proximity to the jungle where animal life and critters abound, wildlife frequently stumbles onto the property and interacts with the head of the food chain with minimal friction. Signs have been placed around the resort to identify core wildlife; Iguanas and other lizards, an occasional small monkey or fox, and colonies of the lemur featured below.

This is the end of my 70th birthday celebration and tour and analysis of the Secret’s Maroma resort and its many wonderful assets and pleasures.It is obvious that Patty and I enjoyed our stay here, praise it lavishly, and recommend it to all who have thought about experiencing an all adult, all inclusive resort but have not yet done so.