My son Sasha Heller is an amateur DJ named Fried Sushi who showcases his drum and bass music mixes on web site His most recent dub step mix is a global hit called 2021 Visions that parallels this column’s theme of opportunities for 5782.

Sasha, who is not a political activist, believes he can affect positive change in the world through his music. He expresses (in the mix) his concern over continuing racism brought to light by the Black Lives Matter demonstrations; also, his horror over the misguided Jan. 6 insurrectionists that exposed the fragility of our democracy, and finally the big lie being peddled by Republicans that undermines our election processes.

The mix includes many rage-filled segments but towards the end some softer and lighter riffs emerge to give hope that while our country is going through hard times – Covid 19, economic dislocation, far right terrorism – better times are indeed ahead because most Americans are finally dealing with the nation’s growing problems.

Sasha and I agree that while Americans are still experiencing a rough patch, we see opportunities for the creation of real jobs that actually pay a worker’s rent, puts food on the table, and provides carfare. The minimum wage has been rendered irrelevant by the Pandemic-caused labor shortage. Market forces are propelling us to a more equitable wage-labor scale and pushing the country towards a greener economy too.

In conclusion and as a proud dad, my son has just been appointed the new Circulation Manager for the Western Livestock Journal, a Denver-based beef industry trade magazine. Things are getting better for us and hopefully you too. Happy Rosh Hoshana.

Arnold Heller